Time Shipping is an international freight forwarding and shipment company. If you need a partner that can meet specific needs, Time Shipping is your solution: whatever your needs are, Time Shipping offers a specific range of customized solutions that meet your requirements.

Some projects present problems that require very specific skills, and this means that for each of our customized solutions we can guarantee high-precision workflows and efficient organization.

Customs Practices and Goods Clearance

Thanks to in-depth knowledge and customs skills at the international level, with Time Shipping customs clearance will be way easier: we provide extensive assistance for ordinary and extraordinary customs procedures and ensure smooth and efficient customs clearance processes, so as to guarantee maximum speed of delivery and leaving customers free to concentrate on their business.

We indeed will take care of all the formalities and bureaucratic requirements necessary for the importation or exportation of the various types of goods, carrying out airport and port customs operations.

Temporary Storage

Aware of the importance of the management of goods in external warehouses we have identified a suitable structure in a geographically and commercially strategic point in the national territory where we deal with picking, collection of goods for completion of loads, sorting of goods and packaging. Naturally, all the services are adequately documented and constantly updated.

Intermodal transport

Intermodal transport is perfect for those who need shippings that cover long or long distances: the possibility of changing and combining the way of transport makes the intermodal valid in several respects, it is in fact a very flexible transport, which meets different needs and it can be used for any type of goods, without any exclusion.

The lack of intermediate handling of the load guarantees a lower risk of damage to the goods, but also, not less important, a reduction in transfer costs between different means and very often greater speed and time optimization.


We put our customer and his requests at the center of our activity.


We are ready to anticipate and solve problems, finding the most appropriate solutions.


Keep to the commitments made over time with our customers.

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